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The dignity of choice is sacred…

The dignity of choice is sacred…

Our mission is to reach women trapped in sexual exploitation to facilitate healing and restoration.


Our mission is to reach women trapped in sexual exploitation to facilitate healing and restoration.



89% of women in the commercial sex industry said they would leave but saw no other means of income.

Reached over 700 women since 2018

In 2018, over 9,000 suspected illicit massage businesses in the U.S. That is more locations than Starbucks.*

* Polaris, which houses the National Human Trafficking hotline, released the report.


Since so many women in the commercial sex industry experience the daily trauma of sexual exploitation and most have no idea of the resources available to them, we saw a need that we could fill in our city. In February of 2018 we went into our first illicit massage parlor and gave the women there a small gift along with a resource number. We were there to communicate value and worth, while at the same time letting them know that they have options and that there are people who can help them if they want to leave the “Life”. We have reached over 700 women through massage parlor outreach since 2018.


Reaching Out In Real Ways

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”

Massage Parlors

At Defending Dignity, we are dedicated to reaching as many women as we can in illicit massage parlors and other sexually oriented businesses. In the first year of our efforts, we visited over 50 massage businesses in our city. Through giving small gifts and providing friendship to the women we built bridges that will translate into help for women in this difficult, and at times dangerous profession. This intervention is done monthly.


With this initiative, our goal is to reach women through digital ads on the internet. Either by text or by phone, we are possibly the only friendly voice they will hear that day. When we do connect, we offer them no judgment, but instead give them a number to call if they or someone they know is in need of help leaving the “life”. This intervention is done monthly.


With this program we are able to provide a backpack full of essentials that the women we meet might need, along with a resource number. We will strategically visit locations, like convenience stores, that are known for seeing transient and vulnerable populations. This intervention is done monthly.

Prayer Interventions

Every 4th Thursday, we meet at Southern Hills Baptist Church and load up a group of people from the community who are interested in learning more about areas of exploitation in our city. We offer awareness, worship, and prayer throughout the evening, as we drive through known areas for prostitution and exploitation. This intervention is done monthly.

Join us in the fight against Sex Trafficking & Exploitation in our beloved City of Tulsa

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DaySpring Villa is honored to partner with Defending Dignity with providing resources to adult human sex trafficking survivors. Defending Dignity is the hands and feet of Jesus to those in need.

– Susan Cox, Executive Director of Dayspring Villa

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How can I help address sex trafficking and sexual exploitation in my city?

It starts with prayer…but ends with being the hands and feet of Christ to those forgotten and victimized by the sex industry. When we decided to start going in to illicit massage parlors, we knew it was a need, but we had no idea how vast the problem is. We reached 300 women the first year of our massage parlor outreach and more are waiting. How can you make a difference? We have weekly opportunities to volunteer either by packing a bag, donating items, or becoming a trained volunteer on our outreach team. Contact us for more info!

Defending Dignity is a ministry you never hear about addressing a horrendous problem that no one talks about- sex trafficking and slavery taking place right under our noses in neighborhoods all over Tulsa.  I’m so grateful for the amazing work they do that is making an eternal difference in the lives of so many women that most of us as Christians turn away from or pretend are not there.  Thank you, Defending Dignity! 

– Hess Hester, Lead Pastor of Southern Hills Baptist Church

You will be a crown of splendor in the LORD’s hand, a royal diadem in the hand of your God.

If you want to report human trafficking:

CALL The National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-3737-888

If you are a victim: text “Help” to BEFREE (233733).

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